Advantages of 360-Degree Feedback to Improve Employee Performance

360-degree feedback allows you in receiving the helpful development advice from required multiple sources, and the sources are none other than an employee’s work circle, which includes colleagues, direct reports, and line managers. In most of the cases, 360-degree feedback involves a self- evaluation and some parties prefer to include external parties like suppliers and clients. But such isn’t the scenario always. The 360-degree assessment process is carried out by a team to provide help to each person to improve and progress, and it is all about spotting strengths and weaknesses which are used to plan their personal growth and some specific paths for development.

Cengrows is here to throw the light on the advantages of 360 degrees feedback system, which allows the team to progress. It is a collaborative process which eliminates certain issues that arise when only the managers act instead of allowing the people also to perform with their team.

Following are the advantages to improve the performance:

  • Accountability and self- awareness: self-awareness is possible due to feedback only which helps you to be better and enhance your performance. People’s motivation comes from knowing that their works are being well- acknowledged and this helps in being them more responsible towards work.
  • Peer group: as a manager, you might have the different view about the employee, whereas, on the contradictory, peers will have a different perspective altogether, as they are more aware of the working styles, the way of interaction and the way they are utilizing their time. This is the reason why 360-degree feedback works and always welcomes the input that managers may lack to provide. It happens many times, you might work with people from the different team or department on the same project, and your manager might not be aware of the know- how’s of the task and the work involved. According to recent research, peer relationship has an enormous impact on the work lives on individuals. All these things directly contribute to the working environment of the office.
  • 360 feedback and managers: this feedback also assists the managerial performance which involves receiving both- the constructive as well as positive feedback from your team members. This also encourages the employees to come up with upward feedback on the issues which might have been underground over the period. This is a unique opportunity to expand new insight into your working style and also the way you interact with your team.

Hence, it was found that 360-degree feedback is obliging in the overall development of members and has been found quite beneficial and also, has shown improvement in the task. So all those, who haven’t yet tried it must implement in their company to have the excellent result, as this feedback helps to create more communicative,  continually developing and high- achieving team.


What is a Sales Aptitude Test?

Sales Aptitude Test(SAT) are conducted to measure the personality traits that are grave to success in sales and similar related fields, primarily for the customer service, marketing, public relations and management and also, it assesses those traits also that aren’t apparent in an interview or resume. SAT is also known as customer service test, which measures the personality traits. It’s a boon for those who have the high level of patience, perseverance, cooperativeness and personal diplomacy and are kept on priority for customer service roles. Personality tests are conducted to select salespeople, because, according to the research conducted, to be a successful sales manager, you need to have certain personality traits. As a seller, you need to be more outgoing, aggressive, confident and of course, highly motivated.

Aptitude Test

Sales achievement predator or sales AP was introduced by Dr.Sander I. Marcus, Dr. Jotham G. Friedland, and Dr. Harvey P. Mandel. Sales AP helps the companies to groom salespeople. These people prepared a written test which contains 140 items and is written at a sixth-grade reading level. This scale contributes to adjust the score of those applicants who are at their extremes- either exceptionally brilliant or below average.

Cengrows is here to guide you and solve your queries about the salesmanship and help you to climb a step higher than yours. These days, personality tests contribute to select salespeople because many pieces of research have proved that certain personality traits are required to be successful in sales. According to the Sales Competency Assessment, aggressive people are quite competitive and highly motivated. Many times, low or negative correlations have been in highlight cooperation and patience because, to handle sales, you need to have both- patience and collaboration, which further leads to Sales skills assessment. The more accurate your Test score here, apparently, so will be your job performance.

In fact, various case studies have been conducted with the customers who state that the most successful salesperson is assertive, competitive, and impatient too- which is just the opposite of customer service personal.

The utmost thing to be taken care of or noted is that sales role varies from one organization to another; hence it will be an injustice to judge it as a larger picture. On the contrary, the basic building blocks remain consistent throughout the industry. You have to mold yourself according to your job profile and the requirement. Once you are in the seat, you are the boss who has to act accordingly.


How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 18% of the companies these days are using personality tests in the recruitment procedure, and surprisingly, this number is growing at the rate of 10-15% on an annual basis- as per many industrial and organizational psychologists and the Association of Test Publishers.

Psychometric testing proves that there are certain cognitive and personality tests which help the new employees to succeed in their field and boost them for their future. Since the cost of a bad hire is extensively estimated to be a year’s salary; there are huge incentives for organizations to get hiring right. Due to lack of knowledge, unfortunately, many organizations use the wrong psychometric assessments in a wrong way and here are the followings they ought to know to minimize the potential risks and maximize their predictive accuracy, as Cengrows is helping you to achieve:

  • Know the law: the organization ought to keep in mind, the legal compliance when they want to add psychometric tests to their pre-employment screening system. The assessment tools, especially cognitive ability tests need to be job- relevant due to the presence of anti- discrimination laws. Competency mapping is included too for psychomotor testing.
  • Business needs should be known: these tests won’t help you unless you don’t have well- established measures of job performance. These days, organizations are focusing more on the predictors or independent variables rather than concentrating on dependent variables. It is important to know that if an industry doesn’t have quantitative measures of employee performance on the job, then there is no source for statistical correlations of how good these tests predict their performance. In such a case, you need to be dependent on the assessment center.
  • Risk of cheating is reduced: the tests like cognitive ability tests are conducted in order to safeguard the candidate; organizations should ‘proctor’ the assessment test, either by monitoring him via video conference, or noting their activities directly. But keep in mind that some candidates may be tempted to play a smart act with the result. You must compare the reference of the candidate and his interview ratings with their results to ensure whether the two are consistent or not. Such things are useful in the sales department where to need to have a smart candidate and you can be easily fooled by people by ‘impression management’. Using multiple psychometric tests can actually help the organizations to get a more consistent picture. You have to perform such tests in limit and never try to over-do it because sometimes, even a well-developed, predictive assessment battery and legally defensible won’t be of any worth if the candidate feels it being over time-consuming.
  • Must share the results with the candidates: every candidate has the right to see their effect these days- as per “informed consent” and few organizations also provide access to the reports based on the psychometric tests that the applicants take. Whether the candidate accepts the employment offer or not, there are both- the ethical as well as the pragmatic benefits of sharing the result.
  • Test the tests: job performance of an individual must be evaluated quantitatively, which give the company criteria for correctness. While hiring managers and HR, one must consume the right methodology to select and retain the authentic psychometric tests.

To undergo all these points as mentioned earlier, one ought to know and understand the business needs and make sure that you find a test that evaluates the characteristics. Some laws prohibit the company from discriminating the privacy of the candidate, but no legislation prohibits the company from using strange assessment tools.

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What Happens in the Graduate Assessment Centre?

The recruitment process is a herculean task, along being an interesting one too. Every recruitment center goes through various stages before the final list is presented, which can be challenging and you might be wondering what lies ahead at these centers. Cengrows is here to solve your queries regarding the same and how one should prepare for it in the best way.

Assessment Centre

Various levels involved:

  • Group exercise: this constitutes the larger part of the assessment center, along with being the most exciting level as you get to interact with other candidates of/in different teams and get involved in the group activities, challenging your personal skills. Here, probably, you ought to focus on good communication, sharing, negotiation, planning or even leading your team at some parts. If the things are taking unusual shape, one can be tested to demonstrate conflict management when there is the lack of planning and lots of arguments taking place in the team.

An experiment was conducted in U.K based company- Novo Nordisk, where all these steps are performed.

  • Case study followed by presentation: this is an intellectually challenging part of the program, where you can be asked to resolve an actual real life business case while being an active member of the team. As this isn’t a single case study, hence you must dedicate yourself in planning and coordinating various tasks. This is just not a SINGLE MAN show, where you can solve the problem on your own having sufficient time. You must be able to plan the things well and divide the task equally efficiently among the team members.

The important thing to be noted here is, you should be an active team worker, who doesn’t impose his ideas on other members. You should be open for discussion as well as sharing. You must know how to listen, instead of just speaking.

Nobody is testing your financial or technical skills in the business case, rather your ability to think logically, planning and engaging is what decides your selection. And YES, your presentation skills and ability to state your idea in more organized and confident way is what matters.

  • Interview: this is the last step for the recruitment and the most uncertain too, as you will be asked different questions. The interview is all about competency mapping and is conducted to judge your smartness on how best you can get fit in the required program. All you need is to have a sure shot career goals, and the things should be clear in your mind. Many times, you may even have to go through the stages in the interview as well, or maybe your interview is conducted by more than one person. Just be yourself in such a case and be easy. You go through psychomotor testing on the whole in the interview.

All these steps, though, constitute the recruitment procedure, nowadays; it is all about networking and socializing on a larger front- where you can interact during coffee breaks, or meals or even a fag. Hope, this piece was of some help to you and was an answer to most of your queries. Though the actual situation will be completely different, still, you can assess it via information provided.

Feedback Recipient Perspective

360-degree feedback system… For many of you, it may be a new term. 360-degree feedback is a system where the feedback recipient’s direct reports, supervisors and colleagues- all collectively complete a survey and their task is to rate the recipient’s behavior and his skill at working place or work. Here, the feedback is converted into a report. Here, we will discuss an individual’s experience in each phase, and particular attention is paid to how HR makes sure that his participation is fruitful. To explain you in a better way, Cengrows is here to guide you about the same.

360-degree feedback

From being on the fronts to the top notches, the feedback recipient can have any role in the organization. The actual 360 process is same for a CEO as well as an entry level feedback. You will be able to understand this concept even more clearly with an apt example. Let’s say- A person named Mr. X: the feedback recipient. He has peers, direct reports and a supervisor who are providing him with feedback. Mr. X gets started with the process when he comes across about it in a meeting, mail or workshop. 360’s being familiar enough, he is more interested to know and learn that how his company will conduct it, for which he is supposed to know the following:

  • Who will all be undoing the same process?
  • What about a selection of rates?
  • How much specific will it be, like about rating?
  • Will he come across criticism?
  • Who will view the report?
  • Is this for professional development, also known as 360-degree Evaluation?
  • Will his promotion, impression or salary be affected by the same?
  • Who will manage his reports?

Now it is up to Mr. X to look upon, which side of the grass is greener- whether to take 360 as a useful tool for development or a threat. Of course, this can make a huge difference, especially when he is the only one along with HR to view his report, then he will be quite relaxed and will feel efficient as well.

When you talk about rating in 360’s, it will be on the scale of 5 points. Every minute pint like speaking with credibility, development, behavior, knowledge- all will be rated carefully and will be unbiased. Though Mr. X has to undergo the variety of challenges, he can receive help from his HR.

All you require is an adequate follow-up support to boost 360-degree feedback from observation to transformation- both- for Mr. X and his team. The main aim is to frame 360 in a way that is beneficial for Human Resource as well as the company, along with the employee.

Corporate management training: The gateway to Success

A company to flourish in success must not only have a strategic vision but also a firm operating framework. Its workers are its lifeblood, they should be able to work smoothly and moreover be happy in their lines if the company is to grow. Here is when corporate management training kicks in serving to optimize working conditions for enterprises. After being nourished in college for individual success, workplace calls for a collaborative approach to corporate success where every person contributes to the progress of the organization. One needs to be a team player, cooperative in all circumstances to become an optimal employee.

Corporate management training

But what makes corporate management programs so alluring?

Corporate management programs include training in leadership, team building, and communication. An active employee knows how to communicate with his team efficiently. Managers should also be trained to get along with the consumer supplies and other trades with a decent communication command. If a company is to function at its highest, one of the best corporate management programs should be carried out regularly. Corporate management programs also tell you ways to implement cultures like employee fitness centers, cafeterias, ideal office space, parking and stuff. So it becomes mandatory to employ these things if you want to keep your employees happy.

Good corporate management programs will take all those new to the place, management, and teamwork and teach them slowly to thrive by their business. They will ultimately make your workers more than they could be to the ideal employees, enthusiastic team players, people who know how to lead, maintain healthy relationships with the workers, and offer incentives to stimulate growth in each aspect of the company. The result of these management programs will mark an improvement in team functioning, as well as the effectiveness of team members who then become mature players. Some activities are carried out for the purpose of improving the efficiency of the team like extra-curricular events, festive celebrations, etc. It is all about creating a team spirit in a group of people who work for one another to achieve their goals. Some of the benefits of these to highlight can be:

  • It reduces conflicts between team members
  • Increases awareness of each individual’s worth and usefulness
  • Encourages bonding and binding of the team for the common good

When the leaders understand the purpose of team building activities and know how to deliver them expertly, the team will benefit considerably from the exercise and consequently, the company will too. At Cengrow you will have access to very affordable, thorough, and concise corporate management programs that fulfill each and every criterion mentioned above. We go above and beyond the call to improve your business and provide each and every service you need to take your business to the next higher level. We show you how to manage data and charts to know the well-being and the performance of your employees and work on their gray areas. We are here for your all business errands, and we will always be!

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Psychometric test for children: Assure your child’s future

Psychometric test for childrenPsychometric tests offer an extensive evaluation of thought process and emotions in the child. For example, there is no physical test that measures depression, so there is no way you can make sure your child is undergoing a psychological disturbance, yet find him low, quirky in nature, and annoyed most of the time. He may at times have a learning disability that shows from his school complaints and class work updates. These problems may NOT primarily be due to visual, hearing or motor troubles, NOR due to mental retardation, or because of environmental, cultural, or economic causes. The child is considered to have a learning disorder if his achievements are not commensurate with age and caliber in one or more of the specific gray areas when he is subject to an outside learning exposure or social activity.

The virtue of intelligence refers to quickness and accurateness of mental stimulation. It is often believed to have originated from knowledge, wisdom, memory, or a fantasy of other attributes but in general has some meanings depending on the context in which it is used. And people tend to despise whatever is a little short of these ultimate implications, but the truth is intelligence does not always mean exceptional intellectual instinct for problem-solving, it may also be attributed to an adept art in a person depending on his personal caliber.

Cognitive assessments are something that can be of vital importance in this field and can be used to determine a child’s learning capability by identifying his cognitive strengths and weaknesses. When interpreted in combination with comprehensive background information, parent, and teacher’s interviews, the results of cognitive tests can provide an effect which can be used to assist the development plans and strategies in a child’s personal growth.

Psychometric testing for children requires the administration of standardized assessment tools by experienced psychologists and trainers. These tools can assess various areas of cognitive capacity, for example:

  • Intellectual Giftedness: A cognitive assessment will help to assess whether a child can access gifted and talented programs or individual classes.
  • Diagnosing learning difficulties or disabilities in children: This helps in identifying the presence of a learning problem or disorder in children and helping teachers make right decisions for students.
  • Intellectual difficulty or disability: Testing this give parents a better understanding of around how an intellectual disability impacts the child’s learning power through accurate assessments.

Cengrow provides all kinds of assessment and psychometric tests for children that can help you make a better choice for your child when it comes to choosing the right career path for your child. And this can go a long run in making and baking the future of your child. We design and develop future-forward psychometric assessments for your child, and uses the latest technology to connect competencies and personalities by measuring intellect, emotional intelligence and behavioral values of your child. Trust us with your child’s present, and we will make his future shine!

Projective tests: Have a keener eye for talent

 COMPETENCY BASED INTERVIEWA projective test is a type of personality test in which the individual is made to respond to ambiguous scenes, words or riddles. This kind of analysis emerged from the psychology of thought, which suggests that people have their behavioral traits and urges which might leave an impact on the business organizations they work with. These projective tests were intended to uncover such unconscious desires that are hidden from a normal behavior of an individual.

The projective techniques require more time and skill to administer than more objective testing methods and hence are an efficient method in assessing an individual’s competencies on the organization. They are very useful to employers in helping them obtain a comprehensive picture of a person’s personality mark the traits that they foresee as valuable to their organization and channelize it for their own as well as individual’s benefit.

The projective techniques directly or indirectly imply to competency based interviews, which have a sole purpose in an organization:  to test employee’s skill. So, as interviewers you may be more interested in candidate’s  experience or previous qualifications, what you need to know is whether you have the right skills to take the position on in your firm as different companies compete with different goals. You can also practically test how candidates would react in given situations. So rather than concerning yourselves with candidate’s past achievements, place emphasis on predicting how he/she would behave in a certain scenario in a business is driven environment.

The tasks in a competency based interview would range from oral and written communication to planning, organization and problem-solving. So, it is time for you as an entrepreneur to match the right skills with the right candidate and see your business grow. Cengrow has achieved this mastery with time; it is equipped with all modern techniques in analyzing candidate’s profile and his behavior to make sure your he/she does justice to the role been given. It is all a growing corporate firm needs, a workforce not smartest in the room but brightest to do the job that is assigned. Cengrow will help organizations grow through these everyday situations in which most of the business leaders fail to identify the right talent for their needs of activities. Some key competencies that employers look for in a candidate include:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Goal orientation

A consultation firm helps you have a plethora of all these in the working class you hire. But where do you find one reputable company? Cengrow has been the people’s choice since past 30 years. The applications designed here helps organizations make prudential decisions when it comes to recruiting the right talent, getting relevant data from past and current and optimally utilizing the talented workforce to encourage them to do better. Cengrow, to sum up, is not just a consultation firm, but a potential power you can trust for fulfilling your ambitious business goals.

Develop the right business Competencies for growth

 competency assessmentCompetency mapping is the process of identifying the core competencies for a company or an organization and the employee roles that are prevalent in it. But why is it that important? Every organization has some distinct functions that need specific traits and caliber to take up. It is must for them to have a complete list of competencies that are required by individuals to perform their roles efficiently. These help in identifying their inherent potential, and swot for better understanding and hence promote career growth. Each and every sector in the industry is trying to achieve high efficiency and productivity to be a survivor in this outrageous ambit of cutthroat competition. The production as well the service sector, desperately strive to improve the efficiency of their system. And all their efforts and approaches to improve performance and effectiveness are based on “skill and competency.”

How important is the competency mapping?

Competency assessment, therefore, becomes the core of companies, which aim at improving their skill set and performance. Every industry, especially production industries, emphasizes on skill and competency. It becomes mandatory for any production company, aiming at improving their performance, to map the skill level of their workers. Power mapping is a comprehensive way of knowing the skill standards of the persons. It evolves something that not only identifies the skills of a person but also identifies the Gray areas where improvements are needed and can be made through training and development.

These models are proven to be very effective in numerous organizations and business units and are staunchly based on the integration of the behavioral patterns of an individual with the elements that outlines requirements. Every person is different irrespective of similarity in level status or having a secret functional base. These competency assessments are small behavioral factors that need to be regularly addressed within an organization. These include relationships, risk-taking ability, leadership, innovation, decision making and so much more. Some groups function to help you achieve these competencies through accurate assessment techniques.

We introduce you to one such firm that has over 30 years of experience in assisting more than 600 multinational companies, family businesses, and INGOs to successfully address their resources and assets by their performance and liabilities. The success with their clients is based on mutual trust, cooperation, and appropriateness and the quality of the projects completed marks a huge add-on to their customer base services. Their services include:

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Projective techniques like e-assessment forms
  • Employee Engagement Solutions

Besides these, they also offer solutions for strategy and processes, Performance Management, Capability enhancements, and Assessment Solutions. Their approach includes a competency mapping questionnaire that helps employers analyze the potentials of their workforce and hire the right talent. So it is time for you to get away with the mediocrity and engage genius minds to let your business prosper with Cengrow. 

Logical Reasoning Test – Your Path To Success


Our personality impacts how we respond to situations or behave socially.  Being implicit in our understanding of people or being intuitive is part of our psychological behaviour. Logical reasoning tests are created to measure the ability to solve problems and identify logical reasoning. It involves selecting a missing shape, number or series as part of the test to demonstrate capabilities for analytical and conceptual thinking.

Each role is defined by a different set of personalities. For example, a salesperson would require to be smart & communicative, a designer needs to be creative; while a manager needs to be curious, a leader to lead the team with high spirits and enthusiasm while being motivating. Our personality is strongly correlated with our competencies and personality assessments and logical reasoning tests help in determining those competencies faster and in an efficient manner.

Logical Reasoning Tests: Perfect Aptitude Test

Developed by experienced psychologists, Logical reasoning test is timed and is recommended that candidates first get familiarised with the test style and format. Evolving around a set of images or patterns with optional answers, the test can also be referred to as an ‘analytical ability test’, that can be taken by anyone and the preparation includes training your mind to understand patterns, recognise the odd symbols or images and correctly solving the questions. It will also help in knowing the dos and don’ts of the test. Cengrow offers experts that provide personal guidance and determine relevant strengths and weaknesses using analytical ability test and other psychometric tools. This is really helpful in improving an individual’s aptitude test scores and learning the right problem-solving techniques.

Kinds of Logical Reasoning Tests

Assessment centre are digital platforms that enable people to take these tests and help organisations assess multiple qualities in their applicants in a faster efficient way. These tests are based on numerical, Verbal & Diagrammatic reasoning tests and are helpful while selecting candidates for professional jobs. Numerical tests demonstrate how an employee deals with numbers and assesses their knowledge of ratios, percentages, sales analysis and other trends. Verbal reasoning involves reading short passages and answering to questions that assess comprehension skills; while diagrammatic reasoning tests evaluate logical reasoning abilities by measuring the ability to understand flowcharts, diagrams and other sequential diagrams.

Determining Competencies & Candidate’s Potential

Simply put, logical reasoning tests are one type of personality tests that help employers choose and pick the most suited candidate or current employee for a job role. It is a standardised way to assess an individual’s logical behaviour and is quite an efficient approach in conducting interviews.

Assessing people and organizations is a highly specialized job. Cengrow makes this takes easy and manageable for organisations and are ideally placed to help you to gain this insight. Cengrow provides all kinds of assessment and psychometric tests that can help you make a better choice when it comes to selecting the right people with the right qualities.

Recruiters and employers are today utilising a combination of psychometric tests to determine personalities and hidden qualities in an individual. These tests form an important part of the interview structure and a powerful way to acknowledge people’s potential to work with the team and are therefore considered as a major part of the organisation’s decision-making process.