At CGA we prophesize an HRD framework which is integrative of the Balanced Scorecard approach which defines what the Business should focus on, as well as the strategic HR approach which aims to leverage and/or align HR practices with an aim to build critical organizational capabilities enabling business to achieve its goals.


  • To make HR Systems and Processes more business-driven and relevant to business goals.

  • To take stock of things and improve the function for expanding, diversifying and entering into a fast growth phase.



  • A salient characteristic of HR Audits at CGA, is to enable organizations to evaluate and realign their HRD on a continuous basis. Such an alignment should be multi-dimensional as it is essential to examine it in terms of variables such as:

    - Strategy
    - Systems
    - Structure
    - Competencies
    - Styles
    - Culture

  • At CGA we frame and conduct HR Audit that is a comprehensive Audit covering the entire gamut of HRD.

  • The HR Audit framework has in-built flexibility to sharply focus on one or more systems, if so desired by the client.

  • The Audit provides an implementation-based solution as it gives insights into the sources of problems that the organization is faced with and facilitates a systematic action planning for corrective and preventive measures.

  • The Audit encompasses multiple methods and tools such as interviews, observations, questionnaires, analysis of records and other secondary data.

  • Our Audits are more intellectual and systems-driven rather than feelings-driven



  • The Audit starts by defining the scope of contents that need to be covered in a particular Audit schedule.

  • Understanding of HR Policies, Processes, Systems and Structure to enable designing of various Audit tools.

  • Customization of tools to be used for interviews, observations and capturing of variables to be Audited.

  • Scheduling and logistics for data collection.

  • Administration of Audit tools.

  • Analysis of data collected.

  • Presentation to Top Management with an aim to help them understand the various strengths and weaknesses as get highlighted in the Audit.

  • Appointment of a task force that will study and prioritize areas for improvement.

  • Designing an implementation schedule with clear time frames for action.

  • Monitoring of the implementation to ensure systemic improvement.



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